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Crazy Gun Range

1702 W Lakeshore Dr

Alvarado TX 76009

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The Crazy Gun Range Is a MEMBERS ONLY - UNSUPERVISED - outdoor range which currently has 12 covered 25 yard handgun lanes, 4 - 100 yard rifle lanes, 4 skeet Launcher Lanes and 2 - 60 yard Archery Lanes.


Membership Fee is $19 to Join (FREE if you join at time of Gun Purchase)

Annual  Dues  are $199.99 For Entire Household Or 29.99 A month on new memberships


NO Contract Required, You May Cancel ANYTIME by returning Your  Key - NO REFUNDS or Prorations

Refundable $50 Key Deposit Required


Membership Covers EVERYONE at same DL address as Primary Member


See store to join or tour our range. Access is behind a locked fence, so PLEASE COME TO STORE for all details on the range.


Management reserves the right to deny anyone membership and to cancel any membership without notice or refund, for ANY reason and without explanation.


All Current Membership Forms are to left in PDF. EVERY Person in a MEMBER Household and ALL guest MUST complete forms and deliver to Crazy Gun Dealer Store During Normal Business Hours BEFORE accessing the Range. Anyone who accesses the range without filing these signed forms first, is illegally TRESPASSING and Will Be Prosecuted!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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NOW OPEN Everyday Mon-Sun 9am to Dark

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