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Buying Online VS Buying In Store


The Crazy Gun Dealer wants your business however you buy your guns and where ever you live in the U.S. That is why we offer an online and a retail store experience.


Please be aware that online and retail stores are 2 totally different business models and it is CRITICAL that you understand the differences, and then realize we are greatful for your gun business, however you chose to purchase them.


First, retail stores could NEVER be big enough to stock all the gun choices that are out there. Retail stores own their inventory outright. Other than the big box stores, it is almost impossible to get financing for gun inventory. So at our store we average a million dollars worth of inventory at any given time and that is all the company's investment. This is the holding cost of the inventory. In addition to the holding cost, there is the inventory insurance, overhead and labor to run a brick and mortar store. Therefore, guns at a retail will "usually" be higher than prices on the internet or our web site. BUT, remember web orders are being filled from distribution warehouses most of the time, so there is no inventory holding cost or inventory insurance for the seller, AND you will have to wait a few days to a week to GET your new gun and you will in most circumstances have to pay for shipping the gun and find a licensed FFL to ship the gun to and then pay that ffl a trasfer fee of some amount averaging $50. So there can be some savings in buying thru the internet, usually for more expensive guns, but you will have to wait and often have considerable inconvenience. For those that don't mind the wait to save a few dollars, we welcome your online orders, PLUS we will not charge you any shipping if the gun is picked up at our store after your order. That is another $30 savings in itself. However, the transfer paperwork must be done by someone, so our store does charge a $49.95 transfer fee, that is billed at checkout online, to cover the brick and mortar overhead portion of your purchase. Remember, you would have a transfer fee, regardless who you order online from, as some licensed FFL, HAS to do the transfer for you. Further, we strive to provide you with the highest level of knowledge and service in our store and that requires good counter help and the $49.95 transfer fee is ALL the retail store gets for it's part of the transaction. So please, be understanding when you look online and then come in the store and the prices are different. There are no games, gimmicks or bait and switch, it is just 2 totally different business models and when you compare all the costs and trade offs, there is really little difference at the end of the day. We welcome your business however you chose to buy from us!!!!!!!!!!!!

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