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Honoring Fallen Heroes!

Many of us think Memorial Day is just the first long weekend of summer. A time for cookouts and family and friends. Maybe a little swimming, boating or fishing. It's ok to enjoy this weekend, it is often one of the the most beautiful weather times of the year.

BUT, while you are enjoying your weekend, and your family and your friends, PLEASE take a moment to remember the TRUE reason for the holiday. Take a moment and think about the friends and family of our fallen heroes that can no longer spend this beautiful holiday weekend with THEIR loved ones. Take a moment and say a prayed for ALL the fallen heroes who gave the ultimate sacrifice so you, someone they may have never known, could FREELY, SAFELY and SECURELY enjoy this holiday weekend. It seems even our president doesn't TRULY know what the holiday is for, though we DO LOVE our veterans also and have a holiday just for them, BUT this holiday is a MEMORIAL for all those who gave their ALL for all of us. So please, enjoy your holiday but take a moment and remember those it is meant to honor in your thoughts and prayers!

Have a safe and wonderful holiday!!!!!!!!!!

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